Benefits of Kids' Yoga

Benefits of Kids' Yoga

Benefits of Kids' Yoga

Primary school children doing yoga

Maintains flexibility & strengthens growing bodies

Enhances concentration

Increases self esteem & confidence

Teaches mindfulness 

Encourages creativity & use of imagination

Promotes a relaxed state of mind & body

Develops body awareness & co-ordination

Provides tools to manage stressful situations

The Details

Benefits of Kids' Yoga

Benefits of Kids' Yoga

Child doing yoga

Classes can be tailored for any age 3-18

No previous yoga experience required & all equipment provided

Contact us for hourly rate for your setting

Fully qualified, insured and checked instructor

Class plans can be tied in with curriculum/any special topic that children are working on. For example Mindfulness badges for youth groups, Ancient Egypt for school children, seasons, special times of the year

We can also come to your home or rented venue to provide a fun and different birthday party


To book kids' yoga or ask any questions

Please use the form below, call/text 07714743183, email or via the WhatsApp link