Benefits for Mum

Benefits for Baby

Benefits for Baby

Mum doing yoga with her baby

Reduction in tiredness

Promotes relaxation 

Meet other mums in your local area

Strengthened lower back & pelvis

Restored abdominal strength

Reduced tension in the muscles


Increased suppleness in joints

Helps ligaments re-tighten

Can reduce anxiety & depression

Benefits for Baby

Benefits for Baby

Benefits for Baby

Mum and baby bonding

Can help wind, constipation & colic

Can improve sleep

Movements help develop strength

Stimulation & relaxation

Helps develop motor skills

Bonding time & fun with Mum

Eased tension & stress

Socialisation with other babies

Get used to different faces

The Details

Benefits for Baby

The Details

hot cup of tea

Suitable for 6 weeks post birth 

(12 weeks if Mum has had a C section) until baby is crawling

No previous yoga experience required & all equipment provided

(just bring a blanket for baby)

Tea, coffee & treat after class

4 week block costs £32

Paid at 1st class in cash or via PayPal (just ask for details if you would like to do this)

Classes currently postponed due to Coronavirus.

To book Mum and Baby yoga or ask any questions

Please use the form below, call/text 07714743183, email or via the WhatsApp link