Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

Women doing pregnancy yoga

Increased energy & better sleep

Time out to bond with your unborn baby

Keeps the body supple & strong 

Can help relieve pain in labour 

Meet other Mums-to-be in your area 

Mental preparation for a positive birth 

Can help common minor ailments in pregnancy

Time to relax & unwind

The Details

Lady rolling up a yoga mat

Suitable from your 12 week scan up until due date

No previous yoga experience required & all equipment provided

4 week block costs £32

Paid at 1st class in cash or via PayPal/BACS transfer 

(just ask for details if you would like to do this)

Currently fully booked - next block of classes with availability starts Wed 4th March, 8pm

Londonderry Park Sports Pavilion, Newtownards


To book pregnancy yoga or ask any questions

Please use the form below, call/text 07714743183, email or via the WhatsApp link